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Catherine Bach

Special Guests

YEE HA!!! Please give a great big ICT Comic Con and Science Fiction Expo welcome to actress Catherine Bach! We all know for her iconic role of Daisy Duke on the long running TV series “The Dukes of Hazard” She is also well known for her role as Margo Dutton in the television series “African Skies” and has starred in feature films such as “Cannonball Run II” and “Thunderbolt and Lightfoot” with Clint Eastwood and Jeff Bridges. She had a long running role on “The Young and the Restless” as well as many memorable guest appearances on beloved TV shows such as “The Love Boat” , “Monk” and “Hawaii Five O. We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Catherine Bach to our Year 8.0 event as a celebrity guest of honor!

Lou Ferrigno

Special Guests

We have a Hulk! Please give a BIG ICT Comic Con and Science Fiction Expo welcome to the absolutely legendary Lou Ferrigno to our Year 8.0 event. That’s right true believers, the star of The Incredible Hulk is headed back to the mighty ICT! Although Mr. Ferrigno might be best known for his role as the Hulk he has starred in numerous feature films such as Hercules, Pumping Iron and The Seven Magnificent Gladiators. He also had numerous roles on TV such as the series The King of Queens, The Fall Guy, Matt Houston, Night court and many. many more. He is also a world famous bodybuilder having won the IFBB Mr. Universe title 2 consecutive years in a row (1973 and 1974 respectively). Mr. Ferrigno loves the fans in Wichita We are absolutely thrilled to have him join us as one of our featured celebrity guests of honor at the ICT Comic Con and Science Fiction Expo Year 8.0 event!

MR. LOU FERRIGNO WILL BE APPEARING BOTH SATURDAY AND SUNDAY August 31st and September 1st, 2024 for our Year 8.0 event!

Sgt. Slaughter

Special Guests

YO JOE! You asked for the best and you got the best – Sgt. Slaughter is coming to the ICT Comic Con and Science Fiction Expo as a celebrity guest of honor for our Year 8.0 event! Sgt. Slaughter (Bob Remus), is an American voice actor and retired professional wrestler. Sgt. Slaughter is arguably one of the most iconic characters in professional wrestling history. Whether he portrayed the villain drill instructor or the American Hero, Sgt. Slaughter was always at the top of the card. Sgt. Slaughter’s popularity within sports entertainment helped him to become one of the most recognizable faces and voices in the world as he became the first living GI Joe. Sgt. Slaughter, who also competed in the NWA and AWA, was a WWF World Heavyweight Champion, whose career was highlighted by brutal battles with Pat Patterson, the Iron Sheik, and Hulk Hogan. Slaughter remains involved in the sport as an ambassador for WWE and he is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame. We are absolutely thrilled to have Sgt. Slaughter onboard for our Year 8.0 event!

Sybil Danning

Special Guests

Hail to the Queen! Please give a big ICT Comic Con and Science Fiction Expo welcome to legendary actress Sybil Danning! Ms. Danning reigns supreme as one of the most dynamic, sexiest and commanding actresses to achieve cult B-movie queen status. She is probably best known for her roles as the wicked werewolf queen Stirba in “Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf” (opposite Sir Christopher Lee) and as the fierce Valkyrie warrior Saint-Exmin in the science-fiction cult classic “Battle Beyond the Stars”. Other notable roles include Princess Ariadne in “Hercules”, an alien queen in sci-fi thriller “The Phanton Empire”, a cunning femme fatale professor in “They’re Playing with Fire”, the Queen of the Moon in the hilarious “Amazon Women on the Moon”, Erika in “Chained Heat”, a formidable swordswoman in “7 Magnificent Gladiators”, the strict Warden Sutter in “Reform School Girls” and a rugged lady bounty hunter in “L.A. Bounty” . She has also done guest spots on beloved TV shows such as Vega$, Simon and Simon, V, Masquerade, The Fall Guy, Street Hawk and Superboy. She was a cover girl (plus pictorial) for the August 1983 for “Playboy” magazine. Outside of acting, Danning has also worked on several movies as a producer and wrote the story and co-wrote the script “L.A. Bounty” From L.A. Bounty Ms. Danning owns her character RUGER™ and developed a franchise. Comic book fans should note Dannng’s RUGER™ comic # 1 will be available at the show and #2-3 and a graphic novel is in development. We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Sybil Danning as a celebrity guest of honor at our ICT Comic Con and Science fiction Expo Year 8.0 event!

Mike Grell

Special Guests

Enter the Warlord! Please give a big ICT Comic Con and Science Fiction welcome to legendary comic book writer and artist Mike Grell! While he has worked on most every major character for both Marvel and DC, he is perhaps best known for his original series THE WARLORD featuring Air Force pilot Travis Morgan who crash lands into the “hidden world” of Skartaris. He is equally well known for his groundbreaking reboot of Green Arrow, THE LONGBOW HUNTERS. Mr. Grell’s work on Green Arrow was the basis for many elements in the CW’s ARROW series – in which Mr. Grell also had a cameo in the pilot episode. Mr. Grell’s JON SABLE: FREELANCE series debuted in 1983 and the character has appeared regularly in comic books and novels since then, including a deluxe hardcover omnibus edition released in 2023. The series has sold over 4.5 million copies worldwide. In 1987, ABC aired one season of a SABLE television show, which co-starred Rene Russo in her acting debut. He has also worked on the TARZAN weekly comic strip, STARSLAYER, LEGION OF SUPERHEROES, JAMES BOND (comic adaptation) as well as countless other beloved characters and titles in the comic universe. We are absolutely thrilled to welcome MIKE GRELL as our ARTIST GUEST OF HONOR for our Year 8.0 event!