Sgt. Slaughter

Special Guests

YO JOE! You asked for the best and you got the best – Sgt. Slaughter is coming to the ICT Comic Con and Science Fiction Expo as a celebrity guest of honor for our Year 8.0 event! Sgt. Slaughter (Bob Remus), is an American voice actor and retired professional wrestler. Sgt. Slaughter is arguably one of the most iconic characters in professional wrestling history. Whether he portrayed the villain drill instructor or the American Hero, Sgt. Slaughter was always at the top of the card. Sgt. Slaughter’s popularity within sports entertainment helped him to become one of the most recognizable faces and voices in the world as he became the first living GI Joe. Sgt. Slaughter, who also competed in the NWA and AWA, was a WWF World Heavyweight Champion, whose career was highlighted by brutal battles with Pat Patterson, the Iron Sheik, and Hulk Hogan. Slaughter remains involved in the sport as an ambassador for WWE and he is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame. We are absolutely thrilled to have Sgt. Slaughter onboard for our Year 8.0 event!

Sybil Danning
Lou Ferrigno

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