Artist Signup

Captain ICT, the hero of ICT Comic Con, along with all the heroic vendors, patrons, and volunteers!

Artisan / Creator Application 2023

August 26th and 27th, 2023

Saturday 10AM – 6PM & Sunday 10AM – 5PM

Century II Exhibition Hall

225 W. Douglas Ave

Wichita, Kansas 67202


Please complete the attached form and send with the following:

1.Your check, money order or cashier’s check. Please do not send cash.

2.The signed and completed forms.

3. Photos of your wares you intend to sell.

4. Your Kansas state sales tax number. (if you do more than two shows a year in Kansas you are required to have your own sales tax number).


All application fees will be deposited upon receipt. If your application is refused, your fee will be returned and you may resubmit. All standard spaces come with one 6‘ table and chair. No table cloths are provided. The artisan space is a 8‘ x 6‘ area.


Standard 6’ table/space* $90 until Janurary 15th, 2022 – buy early to lock in the previous year’s rate!


Please contact us at if you have any questions.

There will be a $35 fee added for checks returned for insufficient funds.

Deadline for Artists/Creators (without a late fee) is August 1st, 2023

All federal, state and local laws governing retail sales tax must be followed. You are responsible for all federal, state and local taxes.


(Do the payment step only AFTER you’ve submitted your form above.)

(You can add up to three more, at $90 each)

Your artist application is not complete until payment is received.

ICT Comic Con and Science Fiction Expo Year 7.0 Vendor/Artist Rules

Welcome to the Sixth Annual ICT Comic Con and Science Fiction Expo. Thank you for helping us to bring quality Comic, Sci–fi, Horror and Literature and more to Wichita! We will do our very best to provide you the type of customer service that you deserve, it is our goal to make the ICT Comic Con the best possible experience for you that we possibly can. We hope you will choose to join us.

Following are the Vendor Rules for the 2021 ICT Comic Con and Science Fiction Expo:

1. The deadline for vendor/artist applications (without a late fee) is August 1st, 2023. There is a $25.00 late fee for applications post marked after August 1st, 2023 provided space is available. Get yours in early for the best chance to be part of the action.

2. You may set up anytime between 10 am and 5pm PM on Friday, August 25th, 2023 and Saturday, August 26th, 2023 starting at 8 AM. No setup of vendor/artist will be allowed after 10:00 AM on Saturday, August 26th, 2023. Tear down will be allowed after the convention closes at 5:00 PM on Sunday, August 27th, 2023. Each vendor/artist will be responsible for the cleanup of their own assigned space. All tear downs must be complete by 10pm.

3. Vendor/artist spaces must be manned and open for business at all times during the festival hours. There are no rain dates and no refund will be granted in the event of inclement weather.

5. Please fill in a complete list of wares

7.THIS IS A JURIED SHOW. Vendors will be selected based upon quality, appropriateness, uniqueness, and presentation. It doesn’t hurt to get your application in early either. Acceptance letters will be mailed out as soon as possible. You may be asked to limit or eliminate certain wares in order to be accepted. If you are not accepted we will mail you a refund check and the reason for denial. If your application is rejected, you may resubmit. All decisions of our committee are final. If you have any questions regarding this rule, please ask.

8.All vendors are required to obey the rules of the City of Wichita as well as the State of Kansas. Kansas Law requires you must be 18 or older to purchase weapons.

9. ICT Comic Con and Science Fiction Expo will only allow officially licensed items to be sold. Bootlegged/knockoff/counterfeit/unlicensed items are forbidden. Violators will not be tolerated. Any vendor found in violation of this rule will be removed from the ICT Comic Con and Science Fiction Expo , forfeit vendor space/s and all fees. No refund will be issued.

10. No weapon sales to minors, PERIOD. Violation of this rule will lead to expulsion from the convention, surrender of merchant fees and banishment from all future ICT Comic Con and Science Fiction Expo shows as well as possible legal actions. All weapons must be sheathed or boxed and peace tied at all times. No firearm sales will be allowed on site.

11. No drug paraphernalia shall be sold or kept by vendors on site. Controlled substances are strictly forbidden per State and County Laws. Please help us adhere to the law. Vendors/Artists in violation of this rule will be shut down and removed from the convention grounds, as well as possible legal actions. No refunds will be given.

12. Vendors may not consume alcoholic beverages during convention hours.

13. All federal, state, and local laws governing retail sales tax must be followed. You must understand the rules and regulations and comply. All vendors/artists are responsible for their own taxes, licenses, and permits. (Sales tax is currently 7.3%) Sales are strictly between the vendor and customer only.

14.We will close and lock the vendor room overnight. ICT Comic Con and Science Fiction Expo assumes no liability for lost or damaged merchandise. Safeguard your wares accordingly.

15. No pets allowed except for trained animals helping special needs patrons and vendors.

16. Management must approve all literature, flyers, printed material, and/or handouts before distribution on convention grounds. Submissions must be made no later than August 1st, 2023.

17. Vendors and artist/creators will be pre-assigned spaces. We will do our best to make sure everyone has a good spot. Please cooperate with our staff. All decisions of the coordinator will be final.

We do our best to accommodate any special requests. Please include these on the “comments” part of the application. Thank you.

I have read, understood and will abide by the ICT Comic Con and Science Fiction Expo Vendor Rules