How does the SAG/AFTRA strike affect live events?

This strike will not affect celebrity guests from appearing at our event.

ICT Comic Con and Science Fiction Expo is a small private, family run company. We have no association or affiliation with any AMPTP company.

Per the union members “can participate in a convention in ways that are wholly independent of characters from struck work or sponsorship by struck companies.”

We fully support and stand with all of our friends in SAG/AFTRA and WGA as they fight for rights for performers.

Is there a charge for parking?

There are lots of areas of free parking areas near the convention. There are also parking lots that charge for parking. You can also park downtown and ride the Q Line to Century II.

Can I take photos of celebrities from a distance without paying?

No photos are allowed in the celebrity autograph area unless you have purchased a photo through a celebrity handler.

Can I bring a bag to the event?

There is currently no specific bag policy. Please remember that bags may be searched at anytime by security, police and/or event staff. Refusal to comply will result in ejection from the venue with no refund or credit.

Can I register for the Cosplay Contest in advance?

Cosplay registration is during the event only on Saturday August 26th, 2023. The registration booth is located near the elevator on the ground floor.

I bought tickets – do I have to stand in line?

If you bought your tickets in advance you do not have to stand in line. You can use your QR code on your phone and go directly to the door and ticket scanner and walk right in.