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Chris Moore

Special Guests

Chris has been putting pen to paper all his life. Being the artist and designer on Stormhammer Saga has been the chance to fulfill the same dream of every kid who grew up reading comics. Besides being an illustrator, he is a professional graphic designer, and an avid student of medieval history, especially Scottish, Viking, and German cultures. Coincidentally, he’s sure he was born at least 500 years later than he should have been.

Richard Cathey

Special Guests

A Wichita native, Richard Cathey has had a lifelong affinity for comics, anime and science fiction in general. He is the founder of Black Raven Comics and co-founder of The Great Plains Renaissance Festival. His creative works include being the author/creator of “The Stormhammer Saga” series as well as the creative force behind Black Raven’s newest  project “Space Pirate Takeo”. Besides writing and producing renaissance festivals he is also the tour manager for the heavy metal band Manilla Road. Born in 1969, he arrived just in time for the first lunar landing and Woodstock – no wonder the 60’s are still such a blur for him!


Randall Aviks

Special Guests

Randall AviksWichita’s own Randall Aviks is an actor and assistant director, known for Darkness (1993), The Dead Can’t Dance (2010) and Other (2015). Probably best known for his role as Liven the Vampire, Randall is also one of the creative forces behind Black Raven Comics as a comic book artist and writer. Together with writer/creator Richard Cathey, Randall Aviks is a co – creator of the Space Pirate Takeo.


Ben S. Reeder

Special Guests

We are thrilled to welcome author Ben S Reeder as a featured guest at our ICT Comic con and Science Fiction Expo Year 3.0 event. Ben S Reeder is best know for his The Demon’s Apprentice Series as well as the Zompoc survivor Series.  His novel Charm School was recently nominated for Best Fantasy Novel for the Dragon Con Award.

Ben Reeder’s parents claim they found him in a pineapple patch in Hawaii and brought him home, which was their way of telling him that he was adopted. Hen South Texas reading Tolkien, Asimov, and Robert E. Howard. Ben has always loved telling stories, and in high school, he wrote pulp style action adventures for his friends. Ben has been filling notebooks and hard drives with stories and ideas ever since.

After graduating from Calallen High School, Ben joined the Air Force to see the world. The Air Force had other ideas, and he ended up in Kansas. Since serving his country, Ben has had a myriad of jobs. He has worked in a video arcade, on a farm, selling ads, a clerk in a convenience store, scanning medical records, and has been a manager and in a New Age bookstore.

Over the years, he learned archery and sword fighting in the Society for Creative Anachronisms, Trained to be a massage therapist, has attained his second level in reiki and can list a dozen other skills that have no particular use outside of an historical recreation event or one of his stories.

Currently, Ben lives in Springfield Missouri with his girlfriend Randi, and a pride of cats, led by their little gray queen, Dora.

Bryon Burkhead

Special Guests

ICT Comic Con and Science Fiction Expo is pleased to welcome  actor and producer Bryon Burkhead to our Year 3.0 event. Mr. Burkhead is probably best known for his recent role as Zyan in Rod Pocowatchit’s feature film “Red Hand”. Mr. Burkhead is also a very talented production and set designer and we are thrilled to welcome him as a guest for our Year 3.0 event.

Umbrella Corporation

Special Guests

ICT Comic Con and Science Fiction Expo is pleased to welcome the members of The Southern Kansas Hive of the Umbrella Corporation to our Year 3.0 event!

Here is the transmission we received from the team:

The Southern Kansas hive was formed in Wichita Kansas to locate, identify, capture and return Umbrella Corporate assets. Since the outbreak we have had our hands full removing the infected from the general population and attempting to make contact with former employee Janus Prosoero code name ALICE in an effort to create a cure for the t-virus that was released during an attack on a company lab. We are always looking for fresh recruits and lab techs so if you would like to join the worlds largest pharmaceutical and research company feel free to contact one of our friendly local agents for an interview, Umbrella Corporation. Our Business is Life Itself.

So there you have it folks, don’t worry about the recent zombie out break. Come on down to the ICT Comic Con and Science Fiction Expo -we’re in good hands!


A-Team Van and KITT (Canceled)

Special Guests

The ICT Comic Con and Science Fiction Expo team is sad to announce that due to unforeseen circumstances, these two fantastic vehicles won’t be able to join us.


We pity the fool who doesn’t think our cars are cool! The ICT Comic Con and Science Fiction Expo is pleased to bring you the legendary A- Team van and Knight Industries Two Thousand KITT car from TV’s Knightrider! We love it when a plan comes together! Appearing both days, set your turbo boost to max!


Sam Mayo

Special Guests

Sam began creating stories at a young age. In high school, he wrote a few short pieces (they were terrible). In college, he wrote several more short pieces (also terrible). In 2008, he finished a draft of the fantasy-adventure novel, The Thief and Red Mandolin (not as terrible). He self-published it in 2009. He has written a few more book and several short stories, some of which have been published in anthologies.

Sam splits his time between writing, working in a cubicle, and Tae Kwon Do. He has also contributed articles to CarboardCarnage, writes, directs and produces the Fragments of Reality radio play and runs Solid Fiction Games & Books with his brother, Tim.