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ICT Comic Con and Science Fiction Expo is pleased to announce Leif Jonker as our featured Horror guest!

Leif Jonker was only 17 when he wrote the screenplay for his cult horror film DARKNESS, 19 when he started shooting it and 21 when the movie was finished. Produced for a budget of less than $5000, partially raised by selling plasma to the local blood bank, DARKNESS was released on video and played multiple film festivals all over the world. It was covered by every major horror movie publication and website in the world, and was hailed as “the goriest vampire movie ever made” by HORRORHOUND Magazine.

A native of Wichita Kansas, Leif is probably best known locally these days as the founder of WICHITA BIG SCREEN, an initiative to promote film festivals and theatrical showings of classic, independent and/or cult movies happening in Wichita and surrounding areas. He’s been working with the Warren Oldtown Theater for 10+ years as founder/programmer of the month-long OCTOBER AT THE OLDTOWN Horror Movie Festival. He also occasionally curates and promotes special screenings at the Starlite Drive-In!

Currently Leif is developing new movie projects and has signed with the prestigious ARROW VIDEO to release a 2K restored BluRay release of DARKNESS: THE FINAL CUT next year for its 30th Anniversary!

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