Mark “Kidwok” Britten

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The voice heard by over a billion people on Dragon Ball Z! That’s right true believers, give a mighty big ICT Comic Con and Science Fiction Expo welcome To Mark “Kidwok” Britten who voiced 7 characters (Oolong, Burter, Korin, Ox King, Moori, Grand Kai, Bubbles, Gregory and the Otherworld Tournament Announcer) on the original English version of the Japanese pop culture sensation Dragon Ball Z series! He has also appeared on the nationally syndicated The Bob and Tom Show, where his impressions of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger are favorites with the hosts. His impersonation of Schwarzenegger is rated 42nd on XM Radio’s list of the top 150 comedy routines. Mr. Britten is also known for his voice impersonations of famous rock stars/groups such as Dave Matthews, Garth Brooks, AC/DC and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and he has sometimes been referred to as a rock star trapped in a comedians body. We are thrilled to have Mark “Kidwok” Britten as a guest for our Year 6.0  event!      

Craig Skaggs
Jerry “The King” Lawler

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