Adrian Ropp

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Image of Adrian Ropp's work on He-man

Due to unforeseen circumstances Adrian Ropp has had to cancel his appearance at the ICT Comic Con and Science Fiction Year 6.0 event. We hope to have Mr. Ropp with us at a future event.   

Please give a big ICT Comic Con and Science Fiction Expo welcome to the multi talented Adrian Ropp! Mr. Ropp was the Lead Story Artist for the Award -Winning Disney Infinity franchise, where he served as a story director for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the fastest selling toys-to-life game in history. He was also the Story Lead for the beloved Cars franchise on three different projects, include Cars 2 and Cars 3. In addition to his work at Disney, Adrian draws many all-ages comics such as Pink Panther, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Casper, the Three Stooges, and the acclaimed and SOLD OUT Underdog Free Comic Book Day Issue. Adrian enjoys talking to his fans and encouraging younglings on their journey to express their own creativity. We are absolutely thrilled to have Mr. Adrian Ropp as our Artist Guest of Honor at our ICT Comic Con and Science Fiction Expo Year 6.0 event!


Candice Gilmer

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