Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr

Special Guests

Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr runs Wichita’s oldest video game development studio, and has spent 19 years in game development, ranging from 2D puzzle games to contracting on 3D games to table top role playing games, and has experience in all phases and sections of game development from marketing & management to design & programming.  Davis has shipped 10 games of his own in the last 19 years in both the field of video games and table top games.  Davis is a strong advocate for game development as a vocation in the local area, having taught video game development classes a private learning center and at the college level, and maintains various advisory board positions at a local college.

Davis is also the founder of the Kansas Authors’ Pavilion that appears twice a year at the Great Plains Renaissance Festival, and is the guy who handles the ICTComicCon website.

Chris Moore
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